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The University of Lincoln operates an on-line accommodation application system for all incoming students. If you are hoping to stay on campus or in off campus accommodation managed privately you still need to apply through the University application system.

We understand for almost everyone this is a very new experience, and may be quite daunting. So we have put together a step by step guide which will help you apply for your accommodation.



The application system opens at midday on March 1st, and is open to any applicant to the university who has accepted their offer via UCAS, either as first choice or insurance.

To apply you need to have accepted your offer at least 24 hours/1 working day before you wish to apply, and you need to have your Applicant ID. This ID is provided by the admissions department and will have first been sent to you as part of your academic offer. It is an 11 digit code, of which the first three digits are usually the first three letters of your surname. Below is an example of the letter which contains your Applicant ID.


How to find applicant ID border





Once you have your Applicant ID and are ready to begin making your accommodation application it is then time to register on our system. To do this click here to be taken to the application system page, and follow the link titled ‘click here to register’.





On the registration page you will need to provide some personal details, beginning with the Applicant ID detailed in Step 1. The other details including date of birth and email address must match the details held for you by UCAS, otherwise the registration will not be successful.


app2 registration



Once you have registered you should receive your validation code via email. This code will enable you to log in to the application system.


Once you have logged in for the first time you will find yourself on the Application Home Page, as illustrated below.



To progress, click on the Applications link in the top toolbar. Once you see the screen illustrated below, click ‘Create New Application’ to begin the application process.

3.application homepage


On the ‘Create New Application’ screen you will need to indicate your Academic Year and Student Type.

For September 2015 intake, ensure you have selected 2015/16 under Academic Year.

4.create new app


In the Accommodation Preferences screen you have the chance to make your six choices of Accommodation. The reason you are asked for six choices is so that in case your first choices are fully allocated due to demand we can ensure that you are made a suitable substitute allocation.

It is important to note that for each different option under ‘Location’ there are different ‘Room Types’. Seperate room types can be registered as individual choices, as illustrated in Step 9. You should also be sure to check the agreement details and contract dates associated with the choices you make.

In Lincoln there are a number of different accommodation options open to new applicants, all of which will be offering different services at different prices. We would encourage you to do as much research as possible before finalising your accommodation preferences. The Residential Services department is always available to answer your questions and queries regarding accommodation, for more information that may be helpful please see our Available AccommodationMaking Your Choices and Accommodation FAQ’s pages.

5.accomm prefs empty


Once you have made your six choices click ‘Continue’ to move onto Personal Preferences.

6. selecting choices


In ‘Personal Preferences’ you have the chance to inform us of any special requirements you may have with regards to your accommodation. Please feel free to add any requests or information to the ‘Additional Notes’ section of the page, once you are finished click ‘Continue’ to progress.

If you believe you have any additional requirements due to a disability or medical condition that will affect your accommodation allocation, please email  separately to your accommodation application

We will always strive to allocate your accommodation based on your preferences and requests, however we cannot make any guarantees for non-medical requests.

7.personal prefs empty


On the ‘Summary’ screen you will see all the choices and preferences you have entered on your application. Check everything is in order before clicking ‘Save’ to save your application.


The ‘Submit Application’ screen confirms that you have completed an application but it is not yet submitted to our system. If you are ready to submit accept the Terms and Conditions using the link and tick-box before clicking ‘Submit’ to confirm. Alternatively, if you wish to return to your application later before submitting it, click ‘No’.

9.ready to submit


The ‘Thank You’ screen confirms your application has been submitted. Make sure to make a note of your Application Reference.

10.thank you



Finally you will be returned to your ‘Applications’ screen where you will see your submitted application. It will remain in the state ‘Awaiting Verification’ until your place at the University is confirmed as ‘Unconditional’, this usually happens around A-Level results day.

You can view and make alterations to your existing application by clicking ‘View’. stored



That concludes the application guide. Later in 2015 we will be publishing our next guides What Happens Next and Your Accommodation Offer, so make sure you check back to get all in the information you need. In the meantime if you have any queries regarding your application please contact our office via