Arriving in Lincoln




In this section we will be discussing the preparations you need to make before arriving at your accommodation. Two of the most popular questions we are asked are ‘When should I arrive?’ and, ‘What should I bring?’ hopefully the information to follow will answer some of your questions in advance of your arrival.


When Should I Arrive?


The basic answer is that you can arrive from the start date of your accommodation agreement or contract. The date will be contained within the agreement provided to you by the accommodation provider. This may have been a paper document or as part of an online sign up process. Either way it will tell you when the agreement starts and also when it will end.

It may be the case that due to University of Lincoln being a city based campus, that there will be arrival instructions provided by your accommodation provider. This could include giving you a time period to comply with to help ease waiting times and traffic management. If you find that you need an alternative time contact the provider who will try their best to advise you if the can accept your arrival at a different time.

If you are in doubt about the arrangements you are being advised about please contact the accommodation provider. If you need any other information regarding accommodation which is not covered by you provider please feel free to contact the University Accommodation Services department via, or by using our contact form here.