Living in the Community

Although your university years are an exciting time, it’s important to think about the people living around you. Developing a respect for each other is a great step in having the best living situation in your community.

We encourage students to engage and participate in community life and to get to know their neighbours. Many students live in areas with a high number of other students nearby; however unlike in a hall of residence, there are lots of non-students living in these areas too. Most people are very welcoming to the student community and understand that student life sometimes can be more nocturnal than theirs, but it is essential that you respect their rights to a peaceful life as they should respect yours. You should bear in mind that your conduct whilst living in the community reflects on the University and students as a whole.

If you have made the decision to live in the City of Lincoln, there are a number of things you can do to show your respect for your neighbours and the community;

Introduce yourself when you’ve moved in 

Introduce yourself to your neighbours when you move in and establish a good relationship. It will improve your experience of living in the local area and you never know when you may need their help!

Waste and Recycling 

You are responsible for keeping your property free from rubbish inside and outside. As well as impacting on the condition of the property, failure to do this properly also contributes to pest control problems. It is your responsibility to ensure that your rubbish is put out on the correct day in the right place for collection.


If you are planning to have a gathering of more than a couple of friends, it would be considerate to let your neighbours know the date (and likely times), and provide a contact number for you. During the gathering, please keep disturbance to your neighbours to a minimum (especially if people are in the garden or street) and ask your friends to leave quietly and at a reasonable time.

For more information on living in Lincoln, have a look at this Lincoln living guide for more information

If you encounter any problems when living in the community yo ucan also contact the council if you require assistance. Lincoln residents information can be found on the City of Lincoln Council’s website. You will find their website helpful for the following;